Wpromote is a scam. They promise results that they can't deliver; by far the worst search marketing firm I've ever worked with.

I first signed up with Wpromote last year 2012 and was treated horribly by my account manager. His name is Jeff, if anyone reading this has also experienced a similar issue.

My account was set up within 1 week, but it was poorly constructed. The ads were not how I had requested and the spend far exceeded what was put in the contract. In essence, I ended up paying way more for the ads then I had intended. Wpromote did not refund me!

We ended up getting in a battle. Wpromote refused to refund me even though they overspent on my account.

I advise anyone that is looking into this company to go elsewhere. They are rude and their whole operation is very scammy.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Los Angeles, California, United States #931479

I spent $3000 on SEO social media during six months. I ended up with lower Google ranking than when started.

When I brought it up with that Jeff guy, I also was treated very rudely and with lots of chip-on-shoulder attitude.

After I quit, misterious bad links appeared on my account, which lowered my ranking even more. I can't say for sure who did that, but the timing was curious.


Same thing happened to me. All I would get was bogus clicks and they use spam to make it seem like they are doing work for you.

I got clicks but the contact info people would send me was bogus 95 percent of the time. They tried to explain that it was an error on my end.

They over charged my by close to a grand or slightly over. Would never refer anyone to use them!


My name is Michael Block and I'm the COO at the company in this person's complaint. If this were a real complaint, I would do my best to right the situation, however, I have reason to believe that this is not a complaint from an actual customer of ours. Below are some concerns I have about the veracity of this complaint:

- The customer's complaint is full of strange characters. There are apostrophes, quotation marks, and vertical bars in random places.

- There is a very odd link to another pissedconsumer report for JCPenney that has nothing to do with our company.

- The message ends with "1d5fe5d," which just seems like the sort of randomly generated character string of an automated process.

- We haven't had a dispute with a customer for $2,000 that I can remember. The customer indicates that there was a "battle" and I can assure you that we haven't had a "battle" with any of our customers, much less to the tune of $2,000.

- We would never overspend in our customers' accounts. If we did, we would offer a refund without any questions. Overspending and not taking responsibility for it would be unethical and against not only our own terms and conditions in our contracts but against the law. This is an extremely strong allegation and I feel that there should be some proof offered that it occurred if it is to be posted online.

- It's very odd that there would be no complaints on pissedconsumer for our company ever and then there would be a complaint followed by two immediate comments (one name that doesn't exist anywhere in Google, the other name is from a famous rock guitarist).

My guess is that a competitor SEO firm submitted the complaint in order to defame us. We have seen a few of these pop up recently with a similar lack of details and odd characteristics on other sites in the last couple of weeks. If this appeared to be from a real customer, I would gladly submit an official response, however, in this case, I would hope that the complaint could be removed as it is very suspicious, it appears to be libelous, and I can do my best to provide proof that there has not been a refund request from any of our clients for recompense for overspending in years (and any previous request would have been granted willingly).

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I appreciate you taking the time to go over my request. We are a small company with hard-earned reputation and I hope that this sort of chicanery can be removed as it negatively affects everyone who works hard here every day.

New York, New York, United States #621645

Yep. Virtually the same thing happened to me. Now there's no doubt about it that that Wpromote is a scam!

Miami, Florida, United States #621643

Thanks for posting this. I was actually taking a look at this company, but something seemed off.

I'll definitely go elsewhere. Pissed Consumer saves me once again!

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